The Fugitive - D 8 FOR
United American (1947)
Drama, History, Western
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IMDB   6.6
104 mins Mexico / English
DVD  Region 1
Henry Fonda A Fugitive
Dolores del Rio An Indian Woman
Pedro Armendariz A Lieutenant of Police
J. Carrol Naish A Police Informer
Leo Carrillo Chief of Police
Ward Bond James Calvert
Robert Armstrong Police sergeant
John Qualen A Refugee Doctor
Fortunio Bonanova The Governor's Cousin
Chris-Pin Martin An Organ-Grinder
Miguel Inclán A Hostage
Fernando Fernandez A Singer
Rodolfo Acosta Man
Mel Ferrer Father Serra
Jack Pennick Man
Armand Schaefer
John Ford
Producer John Ford
Paul Malvern
Writer Dudley Nichols
Graham Greene
Musician Richard Hageman

Based of the Graham Greene novel about a revolutionary priest in Central America. A priest who is The Fugitive is trying to getaway from the authorities who have denounced Christianity and want anyone linked to it dead. The Fugitive finds shelter with an Indian Woman (The Woman), a faithful parishioner, who gives the priest directions to Puerto Grande, where he could then board a ship and sail to freedom in America. On his journey to Puerto Grande, he meets up with a man who says he will protect him. In reality, he is the Police Informer and once The Fugitive realizes this, he is back on the run, but the Police Informer is never far behind along with the authorities.
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