Before The Rains - D 8 BEF
Lions Gate (2007)
Drama, Romance
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98 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
John Standing Charles Humphries
Linus Roache Henry Moores
Rahul Bose T. K. Neelan
Nandita Das Sajani
Jennifer Ehle Laura Moores
Leopold Benedict Peter
Lal Paul Rajat
Ejji K. Umamahesh Inspector Sampath
John Standing & Linus Roache
Santosh Sivan
Producer Mark Burton
Doug Mankoff
Writer Dan Verete
Cathy Rabin

Southern India in the 1930s there is a growing nationalist movement that has spread throughout the country. A young Indian man, Rahul Bose (T. K. Neelan) is very idealistic, like most are at his age. Because of the new movement his thoughts are torn between the future of his people and his loyalty to the past and his ancestors. His ambitions are changing quickly, just like the times. The members of his village are all upset once they learn about an affair between Rahul’s British boss, Linus Roache (Henry Moores) and a woman from the village, Nandita Das (Sajani). And somehow Rahul has been caught right in the middle.
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